CR2 Image Recovery from Lexar SDHC Memory Card

Download the free Digital Photo Recovery Software, and connect the Lexar SDHC memory card to your system. Launch the software, and select the SDHC memory card and hit scan button. The software scans the card and recovers your CR2 image files quickly in few minutes. After the completion of recovery, it displays the recovered CR2 files on the screen before saving. Try now!!!

Looking to recover CR2 images from the Lexar SDHC card?

Many a time, it so happens that the pictures on the Lexar camera storage get deleted or lost due to some known or unknown reasons. It's not just only that but the media on the SDHC card might turn unreadable due to corruption or other issues. Well, then the card prompt you to format the camera card. You might not want to proceed with formatting the card because you got some vital photos stored in it. However, there are scenarios where users accidentally hit on the format button and lose all pictures. This makes it sound like all the pictures on the card is lost on a forever basis.

But, Wait!!!! You still got a chance to restore the inaccessible photos from the Lexar SDHC card. The SDHC card formatting has nothing to do with the image recovery. Technically, the CR2 images in the Lexar SDHC card will reside in the original location even after a memory card format operation. You can easily restore them back regardless of how they actually lost. You will have to use a professional image recovery tool like digital image recovery software for Lexar SDHC card recovery. However, you cannot recover the lost images if they are replaced by some new images. Therefore, do not use the Lexar SDHC card until the lost CR2 files are recovered.

However, you should know the reason behind CR2 file loss from your SDHC card. The main reason behind such behavior of the SDHC card is the corruption. The memory card might have been corrupted due to many reasons like:

  • The Lexar SDHC card is pulled out of the camera abruptly while the CR2 images are still being processed
  • You have taken the pictures while the Canon EOS was low on a battery
  • The memory card is subjected to its extreme condition i.e., you have captured more images than the actual capacity of the Lexar SDHC memory card
  • You have switched off the camera right after the pictures are clicked
  • Using the same SDHC card in different devices or computers can also corrupt the memory card

This all are the common causes of a memory card corruption. Due to the improper handling of the SD card, it may get corrupted. Sometimes, the memory card may show a Format Error. In such cases, do not format the memory card, rather use the Digital Photo Recovery tool to retrieve the lost images from the memory card.
Other than memory card corruption the CR2 files from the Lexar SDHC card can be lost in different ways like:

  • They may be deleted accidentally by the user like pressing Delete All option while just previewing the images in the digital camera
  • The CR2 images may be formatted by the user by selecting Format option accidentally in the digital camera or when the memory card is connected to the computer
  • The images can be deleted by third-party utilities like antivirus scanning program. The third-party software may interfere with the file transfer process resulting in an image loss.

The CR2 files lost from your Lexar SDHC memory card due to any of the above scenario can be restored using the Digital Image Recovery tool. The software retrieves deleted/lost RAW image files from various professional digital cameras. You can even recover NEF images from a Nikon camera after a firmware error using this software. The software can perform a photo recovery from USB drives, memory cards, flash drives and other storage media with ease. Apart from RAW images recovery, the software can also recover music and video files easily from various storage devices. It also allows you to restore pictures from the microSD card, SDXC, CF, MMC, miniSD, etc after accidentally pressing Delete All option. Files from the memory card may also be deleted at the time of data transfer or virus infection. Other than that you can use this application in many more deletion scenarios. The software also helps you to recover files from memory cards corrupt due to various reasons. It enables you to successfully execute corrupt Kingston SDXC card image recovery. You can estimate the photo recovery chances using the demo version of this software.

Lexar SDHC memory card CR2 image recovery steps:

Step-1: Download and install the Digital Image Recovery tool. Select “Recover Photos” from the main screen. Then choose “Recover Lost Photos” from the next screen.

Main Screen - Recover Digital Photos

Step-2: After that, click on the Lexar SDHC memory card as the logical drive and click on “Next”. The image recovery process will start once you click on Next option. After the recovery process is complete, you can preview all the CR2 photo files retrieved from the Lexar SDHC memory card.

View Recovered Digital Photos - Recover Digital Photos

A proper data backup can always save you from data loss in the future. Other than that, avoid connecting the digital camera directly to the computer while downloading the images. You can download the images from the memory card of the digital camera by connecting it through the card reader.

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