Corrupt Kingston SDXC Memory Card Photo Recovery

Recover your photos from corrupt Kingston SDXC memory card with free Digital Photo Recovery Software. Free download the software now on your system, and connect the corrupt SDXC card. Launch the software and select the corrupt card for scanning. The software scans the card and recovers all your pictures quickly within no time. Once recovery is done, it displays the recovered pictures on the screen before saving. Download and try now!!!

Unable to access images from the Kingston SDXC card due to corruption?

Secure Digital Extended Capacity or SDXC cards are basically non volatile storage media used in various digital devices like cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, computers and many more. It offers large storage capacity i.e., up to 2 TB with maximum data transfer rate. Therefore, you must have relied upon this SDXC memory card to store your most cherished moments spent with your lovely sister and her cute daughter. You have captured those images on your cell phone during the last time you met her in your natives. After coming to your work location, you just wanted to transfer those images to your computer.
Therefore, you connected your mobile through card reader and started transferring the images to the hard drive of your computer. Call it your bad luck or anything else, you accidentally touched the USB cable of your mobile and it got removed from the computer. In a hurry you collected everything and connected your phone again to the computer. But what you witnessed after that was beyond your imagination!!!! The SDXC card of your mobile is not recognized by your computer!!! You are not able to access the SDXC card even from your cell phone. You must be in a dilemma whether you can ever get those precious pictures back.

Do not be desperate!!! You can definitely recover digital images back!!! The images from your SDXC card are inaccessible only due to corruption. The corruption may be due to interrupted transfer process. However, the photos on your SDXC card still exist. They can be retrieved using any image recovery tool until they are replaced with some new files. Therefore, remove the SDXC card from your mobile and keep it unused. Do not save any new files to the SDXC card of your mobile. You will have to use any reliable recovery tool like Digital Photo Restore tool as soon as possible.

However, there are some other causes of SDXC card corruption which are mentioned below:

Improper handling: If SDXC card is removed from the camera or from the card reader abruptly when the files in the memory card are getting transferred or being used, then it can corrupt the SDXC card. This may happen due to common user mistakes. The memory card may show Format Error after such scenarios, leading to severe data loss. To recover pictures from memory card after card error, you need to rely on this Recover Digital Photos application.

Accidental system shutdown or power surge: If there is a power failure when you are transferring some files to or from the SDXC card, then the SDXC card may become corrupt. Power fluctuation affects the synchronization between the memory card and your system due to which the file system of the SDXC card may become corrupt leading to memory card inaccessibility.

Virus attacks: Using the same memory card in different devices may result in SDXC card corruption due to virus attack. Virus can infect the file system of the SDXC card leading to data loss.

Other possible reasons for SDXC corruption are:

  • Clicking pictures when the camera or cell phone is low on battery
  • Switching off the cell phone, camera or camcorder while the files are being used or transferred
  • Clicking pictures and deleting files continuously when the SDXC card is full

SDXC card corrupted due to any of the above reason can easily handled using digital image recovery tool. This tool will help you to restore all the lost images, music and video files from it. The software helps you to retrieve JPEG files from Sony Cyber Shot camera which are lost after accidental format or unintentionally deleted by the user. It allows you to carry out NEF image recovery on Nikon DSLR after firmware error. The software is useful for both Windows and Macintosh users. It can easily find all type of digital images deleted due to any possible scenario provided the lost images should not be overwritten. It can retrieve CR2 photo files from Lexar memory card even when the Lexar card is inaccessible due to corruption. You can estimate the recovery chances by using the demo version of this software. You can also be able to recover photos from Micro SD card, xD, CF, MMC card using this same application. This is a one stop solution for lost as well as deleted photos from memory card.

Steps to recover photos from corrupted Kingston SDXC memory card:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of Digital Image Recovery tool. After the software is launched, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen. Select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next window to restore data from the corrupt SDXC card.

Main Screen - Recover Digital Photos

Step 2: Now, select corrupted memory card to start the data recovery process. Once the data recovery process is done, view the files recovered from corrupted memory card.

View Recovered Digital Photos - Recover Digital Photos

However, you can avoid SDXC card corruption in the future by following some useful tips.

Always turn off the camera or the cell phone before removing the SDXC card from it. If the card is connected to your computer then use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to disconnect it. Take regular backup of your important data. Make sure that the battery of your cell phone or camera is fully charged at the time of data transfer.

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