Recover Deleted Photos from Olympus Digital Camera

Lost or deleted photos from Olympus digital camera can be easily recovered with Recover Digital Photos Software. All you need to do is connect the card of your Olympus camera to your system, and launch the free software. Then, select the camera card and click Scan button. The software scans the card and recovers all your images in few seconds. After recovery is complete, it displays the recovered images on the screen. So, download the software and try now!!!

Best Way to Restore Images from an Olympus Camera

Olympus is a well-known brand of digital camera offering the best technology to capture the high-quality images. A high-resolution lens in Olympus makes captured photos more realistic which is a vital reason behind its popularity. There are several models of Olympus digital camera used over the world. But, none of them can completely eliminate photo loss issues. Generally, images are accidentally deleted from camera memory card when you are using it. Besides that, there are many other reasons through which your favorite photos are deleted or lost. What will you do if you need those pictures back when you cannot restore them manually? Fortunately, Olympus digital camera photo recovery is still possible by using a genuine recovery application.

When photos are deleted or lost from the Olympus camera, they are not completely removed from the storage space. Instead, only the file pointer is removed from the file system and that location is marked as re-writable. Since those deleted images are physically present in your camera memory card, there is a good chance of recovering the media using an efficient photo recovery software. Recover Digital Photos application is a very suitable application to restore all types of images deleted or lost from your Olympus digital camera. You can employ this utility for Olympus digital camera photo recovery in various instances of the photo loss.

Among frequent scenarios of data loss from the digital camera, human error is most important. Majority of users commit a similar mistake leading to the deletion of pictures during preview. When you are discarding unwanted images from the camera memory card after capturing many images, you can unintentionally select important photos. You can also erase all images from the camera memory card by using the ‘Delete All’ button. If any of these situations happen with you, immediately use this tool to restore images from the memory card in simple steps.

Another reason that results to complete loss of images on the memory card is the formatting of the card. If the camera memory card is formatted, all images, videos and other files will be lost instantly. File system just erases the information about those pictures and they are still present on the card. When you try to connect your camera to the system, you may get a format error that asks for formatting the card before accessing. Besides that reason, due to the corruption of memory card, virus infection etc, you may lose essential pictures from your Olympus camera.

Whatever be the reason, if you lose your favorite images from your digital camera, no need to panic. Olympus digital camera photo recovery operation is always easy using this prominent tool. You can employ this recovery program to restore images from different types of memory card (SD, xD, MMC, CF, SDHC etc.) used in Olympus. This tool can recover all types of images including JPG, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF, RAW, ORF etc from all models of Olympus camera such as Olympus V series, S series, Tough series, X series and E series. You can also perform this recovery operation in all other digital cameras of Sony, Canon, Nikon etc.

Steps to recover photos from Olympus Digital Camera:

  1. Download, and instal the free version of Digital Photo Recovery Software on your system, and launch it. Now, connect the memory card of your Olympus digital camera to the system. From the main screen, choose Recover Photos option. Then, a list of logical and physical drives available in the system are displayed. Just select the drive representing the digital memory card, and hit Scan button to initiate the scanning process.
  2. Main Screen - How to Recover Digital Photos?

  3. Now the software scans the digital camera card to find deleted and lost photo files. Wait for the scanning process to get completed. .
  4. View Recovered Digital Photos - Digital Photo Recovery

  5. Upon the completion of scanning and recovery process, a list of recovered photo files are displayed on the screen. You can view recovered photo files in Data View, and File Type View
  6. View Recovered Digital Photos - Digital Photo Recovery

  7. Prior saving the recovered photos, the tool allows you to preview the recovered photos. Just double click or right-click on the respective photo file, and click Preview option to preview a photo file.
  8. View Recovered Digital Photos - Digital Photo Recovery

  9. At last, after previewing the recovered photos, if you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, then activate the license key of the tool, and save the recovered photos at the desired location of your choice.
  10. View Recovered Digital Photos - Digital Photo Recovery

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